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Paper Towels

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Purely Kind Hand Towels V Fold 2ply White Case of 4000
ValueX C Fold Hand Towel 2 Ply Recycled (Pack 2376)
ValueX 2Ply White Kitchen Towel (Pack 24)
ValueX Bumper Cleaning Recycled Roll White 2ply
ValueX Centre Feed Roll Blue 2 ply (Pack 6)
ValueX Centre Feed Roll White 2 Ply White (Pack 6)
ValueX Hygiene Roll Blue 250mmx 40m
ValueX 2 ply Centre Feed Toilet Roll 150m Blue (Pack 6)
ValueX 2ply Centre Feed Roll 150m White (Pack 6)
ValueX Mini Centre Feed Roll 1Ply White (Pack 12)
ValueX 2Ply C Fold Hand Towel White (157 Sheets) PK15
ValueX 1Ply Hand Towel C Fold Green (192 Sheets)  PK15
ValueX 1ply Z Fold Hand Towel Blue (12 x 250 Towels) PK3000
ValueX I-Fold Hand Towel 1ply  240 Sheets (Pack 15)
2Work 3-Ply Centrefeed Roll 135m Blue (Pack of 6) 2W00083
2Work 2-Ply Forecourt Roll 360m White (Pack of 2) 1WH100
2Work 2-Ply Flushable Hand Towel White (Pack of 2430) 12909VW
2Work 3-Ply Industrial Roll 170m Blue (Pack of 2) GEM503B
2Work 3-Ply Industrial Roll 170m White (Pack of 2) GEM503B
2Work 1-Ply C-Fold Hand Towels Natural (Pack of 2760) 2W00878
2Work 2-Ply Centrefeed Roll 100m Blue (Pack of 6) 2W03010
2Work 2-Ply C-Fold Hand Towels White (Pack of 2355) HC2W23VW
2Work 1-Ply I-Fold Hand Towels Blue (Pack of 3600) 2W70104
2Work 1-Ply I-Fold Hand Towels Green (Pack of 3600) 2W70105
2Work 1-Ply Multi-Fold Hand Towels White (Pack of 3000) 2W70583
2Work 2-Ply Hygiene Roll 500mm x 40m White (Pack of 9) 2W70623
Leonardo 2-Ply Z-Fold Hand Towels White (Pack of 2250) HTL003DS
2Work 2-Ply Hygiene Roll 250mm x 40m White (Pack of 18) 2W70683
2Work 1-Ply I-Fold Hand Towel White (Pack of 3600) 2W70723
2Work 1-Ply M-Fold Hand Towel Blue (Pack of 3000) 2W71923
Plenty Kitchen Roll 100 sheets (Pack of 3) M01454
Plenty Handy Towels (Pack of 75) 991925
Fiesta White Jumbo Kitchen Roll 600 Sheets 5604400
Maxima Blue 1-Ply Z-Fold Hand Towel 250 Sheets (Pack of 12) KMMAX7085
2Work 2-Ply Hygiene Roll 250mmx40m Blue CPD43579
Cheeky Panda V Fold Flushable Bamboo Hand Towel 3200 Sheets VHANDTW20
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