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5 ways to keep motivated whilst working from home

If you’re currently working from home and carrying on for the next few months, your motivation levels may have become a little stalled. We’ve compiled some practical tips to keep you motivated when working from home.

#1 Stick to a routine

As tempting as it may be to lie in or work in your pyjamas, sticking to your regular routine will help you stay motivated whilst working from home. Get showered, dressed and ready for the working day. After breakfast, you could have a short walk in place of your regular commute, so you are effectively ‘arriving’ at work. Similarly, ensure you take your lunch hour and finish at the normal time.

#2 Set up your workstation

Having a nominated area to work in will do wonders for your motivation. Avoid the laptop on the sofa in front of the TV, not only to reduce neck and back strain but also to help stay focussed. If the kitchen table is the best area, then ensure you clear all your tech and notes away at the end of the day, signifying the end of work. If you will be working from home regularly, why not consider purchasing an ergonomic office chair, office desk and some ergonomic accessories to keep your posture in line? Your back will definitely thank you!

#3 Take regular breaks

Without distractions or conversations with colleagues, it’s easy to become drawn into a task and skip breaktime. Try and move, stretch or walk around once every 45 minutes to keep your body and brain active and avoid aches and strain. Make sure you factor in time away from a screen to protect your eyes from strain too.

#4 Stay connected

Avoid the feeling of isolation whilst working at home by keeping in contact with your colleagues. Don’t be afraid of picking up the phone or arranging a video call to keep up to date with the latest news or to check in. Similarly, keep your line manager in the loop so they can keep an eye on your wellbeing whilst working from home.

#5 Move it

Soak in some vitamin D and head outside for a breather once a day. It doesn’t have to be intense exercise. A brisk walk will do wonders for your motivation. We guarantee it will refresh your brain and body ready for your next task.

If you need help creating the perfect environment for working from home, then we can help. We have a huge number of products to help keep you comfortable, organised and connected in the home office. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you.